I had the amazing opportunity to talk about my favorite songs and how they resonate with me because hey, who doesn’t like to brag about their musical interests? On this episode of Shuffle and Repeat, I chat with the lovely Carlene Jackson and share the “music behind the book” – in other words, the music that influenced me in many ways throughout my life and made appearances throughout the chapters of Beauty Beyond the Threshold.

I’m telling you, this playlist has a combination of everything. You’ll hear songs from across many genres throughout the years. I may be biased but I think it’s a pretty catchy list. A good road trip playlist, if you will. Music impacts us in so many powerful ways, whether its to help create memories, help us work through emotions whether happy or sad, help us heal, or just help us act goofy and silly. And, if you know me well, you just KNOW that my favorite band, The Avett Brothers, made it several times onto this list!

So, why did these particular songs make it into the book and onto the Beauty Beyond the Threshold playlist? Well, you’ll just have to take a listen to find out!

Check out the official Beauty Beyond the Threshold playlist on Spotify! Trust me, you’ll love it. I promise!