Tiffany Mosher Featured on Aware Causes on Instagram

Tiffany Mosher on Aware Causes (Instagram) “My name is Tiffany and I am grateful that I chose life over death six years ago. I am wearing white to bring awareness for those who suffer from depression. My depression started after becoming a single mom of two young children at the age of 24. I struggled for years with anxiety, fear, and paranoia. I felt as if I had no purpose or drive left within me anymore. I wore myself down to the point where I felt that the easiest way to relieve myself of the pain was to take my own life. Thankfully, at the last second I chose life over death and sought help. After pushing myself out of my comfort zone and volunteering in Hurricane Maria disaster response, I discovered that volunteering and helping others was the key to my recovery from depression. Through my volunteer trips to Mexico, North Carolina, and Nepal, I found myself again and I am in love with the woman I’ve become! To learn more about my journey, be sure to check out my book, Beauty Beyond the Threshold, which will be published this December!”

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